Our Story


In the beginning, as a licensed massage therapist working at a yoga spa, Abby (French) Reed witnessed transformative healing with her clients through integrative bodywork. It was this experience that would influence her healing style, later studying to become a Doctor of Chiropractic, as well as a licensed Acupuncturist uniting mind-body energy medicine in a spa-like environment. The fusion of a massage therapist, an energy-feeling soul, chiropractic and an acupuncture education, Dr. Abby eventually became known as The Spa Chiropractor.

One serendipitous day, while working in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Abby provided acupuncture to a friend's mother and two sisters in the coziness of her condo before a girls day out. It was this encounter and following conversations between Dr. Abby and her husband Ross, that the two came to the conclusion: why go to an integrative health spa, when you can create and host a relaxing, health-centric party in your own home?

This was the dawn of Haven.